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Everyday Exploit E-Bike (OPEN BOX)

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What do you need to know about our Open Box inventory?

Well, first we have a limited quantity and they typically sell quickly. Second, we have a range of conditions from brand new to test ridden, which just means savings for you. Typically an open box might have some scuffs or a small scratch from shipping back to us, which is reflected in the price. Finally, all of our open box bikes have gone through a full inspection, and come with a limited 1 year warranty on the bike components, motor and battery. And just like the car you might be trying to replace, components that wear out like brakes and tires are not covered by the warranty, but you can always call us for parts. 

Introducing the newest addition to the Everyday lineup of Bicycles, the Everyday Exploit! This exciting new E-bike is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery that drives a 250W rear hub motor. The Exploit features 9 different levels of pedal assist that will finally get you up that hill you always seem to struggle on.

The Exploit is a pedal assist E-bike, so when you pedal the sensor will activate the motor hub aiding and propelling you forward. Level 1 will require a significant amount of peddling with minimal assistance from the motor, while Level 9 will require little to no effort to pedal and will have heavy assistance from the motor. If you wish to ride your bike without any motor assistance, no problem! Just set the level to 0 and the it will disengage the motor completely and you can ride it like a normal 21 speed bicycle. The Exploit is similar to a traditional bike, but it's better in so many ways!

Check out our Everyday Exploit FAQ for more info.

Spec Overview

250W rear hub motor
Max Speed
32 km
Max Range 48 km
27.5" All Terrain Tires, Front quick release
Brakes Tektro front and rear disc brakes
Charger 110V - 240V
LCD Display IPX5 Rating
Lights Front LED headlight and rear LED light
36V, 7.8AH Concealed lithium-ion battery
Charging Time Up to 6 hours
Weight Limit 300 lbs
Phone Charger
Display USB port
Pedal Assist 9 different levels of pedal assist

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